We are pylos59!

For over 30 years, we have been creating exquisite, high-quality leather bags. Our mission is to make sustainable products at an affordable price, making them accessible to a wide audience. Working sustainably for people and the environment, using innovative techniques and working as much as possible with recycled and recyclable products which take us towards a cleaner future. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of both our bag makers and our customers. We engage in constant communication with our suppliers, ensuring that our goals match.

our vision

We have always wanted to give something back to the people who make our leather bags in India.

Working conditions in India are often very poor and environmental requirements are minimal. Even from Europe (EU), the requirements are minimal. But we are free to make the world a better place and set our own high standards to do so!


In the beginning, we did not have enough capital to make major improvements. But as our business continued to grow, we decided to donate part of our profits to charities in India. For instance, we put money and time into an education programme for underprivileged youth. Unfortunately, we learned that this required strict controls.  

New developments

Nevertheless, we continued to believe in the possibilities of doing something positive for 'our' people in India. Nowadays, more sustainable production methods and better working conditions are on the rise.

New organizations provide expert certification on work and environmental issues. They are developing new and better control options. Not only for the suppliers but also for you as a consumer. We do our best throughout our chain to comply with the strictest sustainability certifications.

Good working conditions

Like ourselves, our people want a pleasant and safe workplace, where they are treated with respect, which is clean, where there is sufficient light and where they can simply sit on a chair at a work table at the right height. Also important are sanitary facilities, a separate clean eating area, safe equipment to work with, normal working hours and a livable income.  

Clear agreements

Unfortunately, these conditions are still far from being obvious. For us, they are. We only want to work with factories that have SA8000 certification. This guarantees all those things that we, after all, also consider normal for our own workplace. The certificate is not a loose, non-committal promise from a supplier, but stands for clear binding agreements laid down in a document. Compliance is monitored, at unannounced times. So employees can be confident that they have come to a good workplace. And you, as our customer, can be confident that you have a 'clean' bag in your hands.

All about the SA8000 certification

Giving back to Community

To make a contribution to a better life of the poorest children in Calcutta, we will donate part of our turnover to “Calcutta Rescue”- education program. 

Calcutta Rescue is an Indian-registered charity working to improve the lives of the poorest people in and around Calcutta. This organization provides free healthcare, vocational training, social support and sanitation. They also run two educational institutes, which provide love, care, support and a safe learning environment for Kolkata’s street and slum children.

WE ARE READY for the future!

Our vision of a sustainable future becomes a reality.

Now that we have many years of experience in this industry, we see countless new possibilities for sustainable production and to guarantee good working conditions. With a friendly price tag on the bag.

More and more consumers and producers are convinced that sustainability is the right path to take. Are you?

We are making our dream come true: we make affordable and sustainably produced leather bags, offering everyone in the chain a good life. We have the right partners, it's the right time, let’s go for it!

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