For 30 years, we have been making stylish, high-quality leather bags. Meanwhile, our focus in design and production is entirely on sustainability, both socially and in material selection.
Our innovative technology ensures a better and more environmentally friendly future. In doing so, Pylos59 makes a positive contribution to the earth and to the lives of the people who make our bags.
We don't just tell a great story, we make it happen!

The entire collection is designed ‘in-house’ by our own designers. Each design has a recognizable Dutch touch. That is why our collections have that extra that the Netherlands is known for.
Simple, sustainable, practical and recognizable. That’s why our bags earn the designation “Design of the Lower Lands".
+30 years experience
The entire collection is designed in-house.
Durable quality leather
Sustainability is at the heart of every choice we make.
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