We are extremely happy and proud to be one of the newest members of B Corporation.

On October 12, 2023, we achieved B Corp certification with a whopping 101 points !

We join companies such as Rituals, Mr Marvis, Tony Chocolony and Patagonia and more than now 7000 other companies committed to a better world.

The B Corp certification means to us that sustainability is at the core of who we are, our way of working, our way of thinking and our way of being. Most importantly, it allows us to inspire and motivate each other and others to do better. As a family business, we have been making high quality stylish leather bags for 30 years. We are committed to leaving a better world for the next generation. Our focus in design and production is entirely on sustainability, both socially and in the choice of materials. The certification process was intense, but has reaffirmed to us how important it is to contribute to a more beautiful world.

Not only do we tell a great story, we make it happen!

Getting certified is not an end goal, but just the beginning. It gives us direction and the right tools to achieve our mission. Our mission is to make sustainable products at an affordable price, making them accessible to a wide audience. Working sustainably for people and the environment, in which we continue to innovate. In this way we want to connect people and ensure a better life for the people who make our bags as well as those who use them. We want to inform the public honestly and transparently about these innovations.

Achieving the B Corp certification is an extensive process, which involves a complete corporate social responsibility survey and looks at a company's impact on five pillars: governance, environment, employees, customers and community. The questions cover sustainability in its broadest sense. Answers are reviewed by two different certification analysts who review the requested evidence and documentation to ensure accuracy.

Our focus within the B Corp Assessment is on the Impact Business Models "Environment" and "Community."

What we do for our environment

  • 100% of our leather comes from LWG Silver certified tanneries
  • 100% of our linings are made of recycled PET bottles
  • 100% of our labels/boxes come from FSC certified suppliers
  • 100% of the polybags we use are recycled or recyclable
  • We use mostly organic cotton for our shoulder straps

what we do for our comunity

  • We only work with SA8000 certified factories, which guarantees, among other things, that there is no child labor, that people receive a living wage, have good working conditions and secondary labour benefits
  • We have drawn up a Code of Ethics
  • We have drawn up a Code of Conduct for our main suppliers
  • We donate part of our sample collection to the clothing charity
  • We volunteer half a day twice a year as a team
  • We donate a part of our turnover to "Calcutta Rescue"