SA8000 stands for the development, maintenance and application of socially acceptable methods in the workplace. These include no child labour, no discrimination, a living wage instead of a minimum wage and much more.

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Leather Working Group (LWG)

The leather we use comes from tanneries that use less water, less and better chemicals and water purifiers. Since 2021 we buy 100% of our leather from LWG-certified leather manufacturers.

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Waste2Wear is a pioneer in innovative plastic recycling solutions and in providing 100% traceable and sustainable textiles.

Read more about the sustainable linings of our bags.



Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

In our vintage washed bags we use recycled cotton that meets the requirements of the GRS.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC is a leading tool against deforestation and empowers forest owners to manage their forests sustainably. We use FSC paper for all paper tickets in and on our bags. This also applies to the cardboard boxes in which we send our bags.

All our bags are packed in special bags, made from a material that is 100% recycled. Curious about which other sustainable materials we use? You can find them on our page: Materials