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Reliable Quality
• A robust, timeless and elegant design. A bag to be proud of.
• Made of supple and strong leather: the black leather briefcase that stands up to any challenge.
• A briefcase to suit your lifestyle: casual & business.
Stylish and functional
• Impress and look stylish every day with a black leather briefcase from Pylos59.
• Briefcase with more than enough space for your laptop and other essentials for a perfect working day.
• Functional business bag that you can use versatile. For work and home, the possibilities are endless.
Sustainable innovations
• Keep your style ethical thanks to our collaboration with only SA8000-certified factories. Good working conditions are paramount.
• Eco-friendly production, by using as many natural and recycled materials as possible.
• Made exclusively with leather from LWG Silver-certified tanneries. This leather is tanned according to the strictest environmental standards.

Leather briefcases for men

Pylos59: for the modern man looking for a luxurious and affordable briefcase. This timeless classic is not only beautiful - it is also highly functional. Pylos59 has the perfect leather briefcase for every occasion that never goes out of fashion.

Eye for detail and your needs

A black leather briefcase is the perfect addition to your stylish and businesslike look. Actually, this colour, which we also call coal, goes with everything. A briefcase that is both pleasant to use and tasteful.

Which model will you choose?

Take a quick look at our range. There you will find, among others, the black leather laptop bag Sirocco, with space for a 15.6-inch laptop. Made of cowhide leather, with the grain creating a beautiful natural pattern. With extra pockets for all your essentials, everything stays neat and safe in your work bag. Also handy to use as a book bag.

Prefer a different colour? Get inspired by our collection of brown leather briefcases! Our leather briefcases and work bags are available in various colours and sizes, so you will always find the bag that fits your style best.

A briefcase from Pylos59 is not just a bag, it's one with a mission. Our mission is to produce high-quality leather bags at affordable prices while working sustainably for people and the environment. This way, you can enjoy your leather briefcase worry-free for years.

What is a Briefcase?

A briefcase is a business bag specially designed to keep important documents or a laptop, tablet, and other business necessities safe and organized. These bags are often made of high-quality leather, ensuring durability while keeping the contents of the bag secure. Moreover, the leather gives the briefcases a luxurious and professional appearance that easily complements many styles.

Different Colors

Briefcases for men come in different colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your personal style and professional appearance.

  • Black Briefcase: A timeless classic that exudes elegance and professionalism.
  • Brown Briefcase: Warm and versatile, perfect for a more casual business setting.

Why a Briefcase?

A briefcase is not just an accessory; it offers numerous benefits for the modern man.

Functions of a Briefcase

Laptop Briefcase for Men

A leather briefcase is a perfect bag to use as a laptop bag. If you're regularly in the office, attending business meetings, or having client appointments on the go, it's nice to have a leather bag that provides enough space not only for a laptop but also for your other necessary items.

Business Bag / Work Bag

In the business world, it's always good to have a spacious bag for your laptop, tablet, important documents, your lunch, or even better: all of the above. A leather briefcase provides all the space you need, so you're always prepared with all the items you need before, during, and after work.


A briefcase is not only suitable for formal occasions. Due to the luxurious and stylish appearance of a briefcase, it can also be perfect for informal gatherings and daily use.

Still have questions? We are here for you

Do you still have questions about the sustainably produced leather briefcases from Pylos59? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@pylos59.eu.

For 30 years, we have been making stylish, high-quality leather bags. Meanwhile, our focus in design and production is entirely on sustainability, both socially and in choice of materials.

Our innovative technology ensures a better and more environmentally friendly future. In doing so, Pylos59 makes a positive contribution to the earth and to the lives of the people who make our bags. We don't just tell a great story, we make it happen. Here's how we do it:

  • By using innovative and sustainable production techniques.
  • By working with recycled and recyclable raw materials as much as possible.
  • By using only leather from Silver-certified tanneries.
  • By intensive and transparent contact with our suppliers.
  • By working only with SA8000-certified factories.

A bag that lasts a lifetime

We have 30 years of experience in the leather goods industry. This is reflected in every bag we make. Our in-house designers create bags with a distinctly Dutch flair: the 'Design of the Lower Lands'.

Every bag we make has a timeless style and is rock solid. Designed with a clear vision and with great attention to detail. Enjoy the looks and comfort of your perfect black leather briefcase in every situation. Get the most out of your day together, every day!

Our high-quality black leather briefcases are guaranteed to last for years. Especially if you treat them regularly (see our Care Tips). Pylos59 bags are a great purchase for anyone looking for high-quality, durable leather products.

Got questions or need help?

If you have any questions, please contact our team.