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Laptop backpack Denver - Pylos59 - laptop backpackLaptop backpack Denver
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Laptop backpack Denver

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Laptop backpack London - Pylos59 - laptop backpackLaptop backpack London - Pylos59 - laptop backpack

Laptop backpack London

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Laptop backpack Montreal - Pylos59 - laptop backpackLaptop backpack Montreal - Pylos59 - laptop backpack

Laptop backpack Montreal

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Laptop backpack Memphis - Pylos59 - laptop backpackLaptop backpack Memphis - Pylos59 - laptop backpack

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Laptop backpack Kansas - Pylos59 - laptop backpackLaptop backpack Kansas - Pylos59 - laptop backpack

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Laptop backpack DenverLaptop backpack Denver
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Laptop backpack Denver

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€189.95 €239.95
Laptop backpack LondonLaptop backpack London

Laptop backpack London

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Laptop backpack TabernasLaptop backpack Tabernas

Laptop backpack Tabernas

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Reliable quality
• Certified durable buffalo or cowhide leather: supple, resilient and pleasing to the eye.
• Strong construction and solid zips that you can rely on every day.
• Soft sturdy back and robust straps: Even with considerable weight in your bag, carrying comfort is optimal.
Stylish & functional
• Choose a leather laptop bag or backpack with a timeless design that always looks good. The beautifully oiled leather guarantees a special look.
• Various handy (zip) compartments to store your laptop, tablet, books and phone easily and safely. Discover the variations per model.
• Versatile leather laptop bag for work and home, in other words: perfect for the man with a dynamic life.
Sustainable innovations
• We only use leather from LWG Silver-certified tanneries. This means that the leather of all our bags is tanned according to the strictest environmental standards.
• Produced with care for the environment by using as many natural and recycled materials as possible, including for the linings.
• To ensure healthy and safe working conditions, we only work with SA8000-certified factories.

Leather laptop backpacks for men

A leather laptop backpack is the perfect accessory for a man on the go. No matter what you need your leather backpack for, Pylos59's laptop backpacks are suitable for any occasion.

If you're looking for a stylish, reliable, and functional leather laptop backpack for work, school, or a weekend getaway, then our men's leather backpacks are perfect for you.

With our 30 years of experience, we are committed not only to delivering high-quality durable leather bags but also to a better world.

Men's laptop backpack

Do you like to combine style with functionality? Then a laptop backpack is definitely for you. A leather laptop backpack is incredibly sturdy, keeping your laptop or tablet and other important accessories and documents securely protected.

It combines stylish design with ultimate protection for your valuable devices. Whether you're commuting to work or traveling, this backpack offers the perfect balance between fashion and functionality.

Find your ideal leather laptop backpack

Carry a Pylos59 bag with pride, where convenience and comfort merge with stylish design. We have multiple styles and sizes available, such as the laptop bag ‘Tabernas’, our bestseller made from beautiful cognac-brown buffalo leather with space for a 15.6" laptop.

Or the rugged leather laptop backpack ‘Zonda’, made from exquisite black cowhide leather, also with room for a 15.6" laptop. The brown laptop backpack Denver fits a slightly smaller 14" laptop. Just what you need!

Advantages of a backpack as a laptop bag

Using a backpack as a laptop bag offers many benefits for men who are often on the go.

In addition to being better for your posture and therefore your health, carrying a backpack also offers the following advantages:

  • Durability: One of the most well-known and important benefits of a leather laptop backpack is its durability. Leather is known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring your backpack lasts a long time and keeps its contents, such as your laptop and other valuable items, well-protected.

  • Stylish and luxurious appearance: A leather laptop backpack has a luxurious appearance, making it suitable for any event and occasion. Whether you're going to the office, a business meeting, a casual gathering, or a corporate party, you'll always have all your belongings in one place without worrying about whether it suits the occasion.

  • Safety: Thanks to its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, a leather laptop backpack provides optimal protection for your laptop, tablet, and other electronics. With special padded compartments and reinforced zippers, you don't have to worry about damage during transportation.

  • More space: Compared to a traditional laptop bag, a laptop backpack offers much more space. In addition to safely storing your laptop, a leather laptop backpack also provides plenty of extra space for all your other necessities.

  • Comfort: Our leather laptop backpacks are designed with adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panels, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods, even when the bag is heavily loaded. This makes them ideal for daily use and travel.

The multifunctionality and durability of a leather backpack

A multifunctional leather backpack is the perfect accessory for the modern working man. The versatility and durability of our backpacks offer the perfect balance between appearance and functionality.

Our backpacks are cleverly designed with multiple compartments and sturdy durable leather, providing more than enough space and protection for all your essentials. Explore our range and choose from a backpack in black leather or brown leather.

Still Have Questions? We're Here for You.

If you have any questions about Pylos59's sustainably produced leather laptop bags or men's leather backpacks, don't hesitate to contact us via email

For 30 years, we have been creating stylish high-quality leather bags. Our focus on design and production is now fully centered on sustainability, both socially and in material choice.

Our innovative technique contributes to a better and more environmentally friendly future. With this, Pylos59 makes a positive contribution to the earth and the lives of the people who make our bags.

We not only tell a beautiful story but also make it true. We do this by:

  • Using innovative and sustainable production techniques.
  • Working as much as possible with recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Using only leather from LWG Silver-certified tanneries.
  • Maintaining intensive and transparent contact with our suppliers.
  • Working exclusively with SA8000-certified factories.

A bag that lasts a lifetime

With 30 years of experience in the leather goods industry, you can see it in every bag we make. Our in-house designers create bags with a clear Dutch flair: the 'Design of the Lower Lands'. Every bag we make has a timeless style and is incredibly durable.

Designed with a clear vision and with great attention to detail. Enjoy the looks and comfort of your perfect leather laptop bag or leather laptop backpack in every situation. Together, make the most of your day, every day!

Our high-quality leather bags from Pylos59 are guaranteed to last for years. Especially if you treat them regularly (see our maintenance tips).

Pylos59 bags are a great purchase for anyone looking for durable, high-quality leather products.

Got questions or need help?

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